9 reasons why you should monitor your dog


Dogs are social creatures and they love our company. But in today’s busy world where we are always in a hurry, we tend to leave our dogs behind. We’re leaving a puppy alone for many hours every day. While we're catching up on our duties, our dogs are patiently waiting for our arrival at home. Or aren’t they? What does your dog do when you’re not there? Is it okay? Is it resting, playing, or howling uncontrollably? Here are five reasons why we think a dog monitor can come in handy when leaving a puppy alone.

Dog’s health issues

Dogs often express health problems through subtle changes in behaviour, from reduced mobility to unusual habits. On the other hand, for dogs recovering from surgery or dealing with specific illnesses, the need for reduced physical activity is desirable. Continuous in-person monitoring can be challenging. This is where dog monitoring tools shine. They empower owners to detect and address potential health issues early, from spotting reduced food intake to ensuring post-op dogs don't run or jump. Additionally, captured footage can aid veterinarians in accurate diagnoses.

Dog separation anxiety

Dog's separation anxiety showcase when the pet is left alone. Pet parents come back home only to find it completely destroyed by their pooch. They blame the dog for being disobedient and for doing it on purpose. But destructive behavior is, together with barking, and starvation, one of the main signs of anxiety in dogs. Dogs who suffer from separation anxiety don’t do anything harmful on purpose. Monitoring your dog can help you to discover these signs of dog’s separation anxiety early on to get your dog a proper treatment. Recordings from monitoring can also help the veterinarians with diagnosing.


Puppy training

The moments spent with your new puppy are precious. Monitoring your puppy can be a good idea. When the puppy gets old enough, and it’s time to start training your dog, a dog monitor can become beneficial. How to use a dog monitor to train a puppy? The practice usually begins with a few moments of solitude, increasing gradually to a few minutes. With the dog monitor, you’ll see the dog's pet's reaction to solitude behind the closed door and you'll be able to get back when it’s time.

Dog's well-being

Leaving a puppy alone increases the potential danger for your dog. Dog monitor can notify you about your dog if anything happens. This way, you’ll always know if it’s just a false alarm or if you need to rush home. On the other hand, when you turn on a video on the dog monitor and you see your dog laying on the sofa or chewing on your slippers, you can talk to it remotely and tell it to stop.


Dog's destructive behaviour

Dog owners have a close bond with their pets. But this relationship can face challenges, especially when dogs misbehave while we're not home. Unattended, they might engage in behaviors that are not only destructive for the house but can also be indicative of underlying emotional or health concerns. Whether it's the longing pangs of separation anxiety, the playful (yet destructive) antics of a bored dog, or the innocent curiosity that leads them into trouble, it's essential to have a solution that lets us monitor, guide, and interact with our pets, ensuring their well-being and the safety of our homes.

Complaining neighbors

Maybe you’ve experienced a similar situation — your neighbor knocks on your door every day to complain about the your dog barking, saying it is never-ending and it's howling every time you leave for work. And, because you’re not there, you have no clue what’s happening nor if the neighbor's right. Barkio app can help you to find out the truth. If it turns out your dog really is barking this much, it may be a sign of some uncovered issue, such as separation anxiety. If it turns out it’s not your dog, at least you’ll have a proof for your neighbors.


Pet-owner communication

Clear communication is essential for a strong bond between pets and their owners. Modern technology now enhances this bond, ensuring constant connection even when apart. With the latest apps, pet owners can speak directly to their pets remotely and use specific pre-recorded commands like "sit" or "stay." This combination of direct communication and remote training ensures that pets are guided, reassured, and trained, no matter the distance between them and their owners.

Dog's comfort in a new home

Fostering a dog from a pet shelter is honorable but comes with a lot of responsibility. Getting your dog used to the new environment isn’t easy. With a dog monitor, you will see how your dog is adjusting. You will be able to calm it down if it's nervous by talking to it remotely. Also, when monitoring a dog, you can detect any appearing signs of dog’s separation anxiety.


Balancing dog care with daily life

Finding a balance between everyday life and pet care is a challenge that every pet owner experiences. Between family commitments, social activities, and personal hobbies, ensuring your dog receives adequate attention and care can be stressful. Using a dog monitor is a game-changer, allowing you to keep an eye on your pet's activities and well-being even when you're not home. Whether it's observing their behavior for signs of distress or offering reassurance through your voice, a dog monitor bridges the gap between responsible pet care and a fulfilling personal life.

Why is Barkio the right dog monitor for you?

Barkio is a reliable dog monitoring app trusted by pet owners all over the world. The Barkio app turns any two phones, tablets, and computers into a single dog monitor. Watch over your dog, hear everything that goes on, calm your dog down remotely and start puppy training with the help of the Barkio app. With the Activity log, you’ll also have an overview of everything that’s been going on, including timestamps, replayable noises, and photos.

Download Barkio for free and let it help you watch over your dog.

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