How to help your dog with separation anxiety


Dogs, whether young puppies or older dogs set in their ways, can suffer from separation anxiety. This affliction isn't solely the domain of the young or newly adopted; in fact, any dog can develop separation anxiety at any stage of life, often for reasons that remain elusive to their loving owners. It can manifest due to changes in routine, relocation, loss of a family member, or sometimes for no discernible reason at all.

When left alone, dogs may experience significant distress, leading to destructive behavior. To help combat this, Barkio provides continuous monitoring and real-time updates on your dog's behavior.

Ease separation anxiety with Barkio

Monitoring the dog when it is alone is the most effective technique to ascertain how the treatment is going. You can accomplish it with Barkio's assistance.

With the Barkio app, owners can get real-time audio and video updates of their dogs when they're away. This not only aids in quicker vet diagnoses and better training methods but also strengthens the bond between the pet and owner. By bridging the physical distance, Barkio offers peace of mind and makes handling separation anxiety smoother for both the dog and the owner.

Not sure if your dog is suffering from separation anxiety? Read the Dog separation anxiety guide to find out what separation anxiety is, what the symptoms are and how it can be treated.

1. Install Barkio app on your phone/laptop and set up in minutes.


2. Enhance your connection with Barkio features

  • Activity log: Activity log is a powerful tool that allows you to track your dog's activity and behaviour during your absence, and observe how his behaviour evolves over time. You can also view photos and videos taken during monitoring to understand every single detail of your dog's behaviour. This invaluable data can help tweak routines, ensuring a happier, anxiety-free pet. Plus, Barkio makes it easy for you to share this important activity log with your vet. By working together, you can make sure your pet gets the best care. If there are any concerns, your vet will have all the details they need to help.

  • Commands: Are you away from home, and your dog starts exhibiting signs of distress? Instead of feeling helpless, with Barkio, you can play prerecorded commands that your dog is familiar with. It's not just about giving a command — it's about letting your dog hear your reassuring voice, reminding them of the training sessions you've had together. This feature not only ensures training continuity but also provides an emotional anchor for your pet, letting them know they're not truly alone.

  • Two-way communication: Your voice, familiar and comforting, can be the balm your anxious pet needs. Talk to them anytime, offering solace and reassurance. TalktoDog.jpg

  • Live video feed: Keep a watchful eye on your furry friend from anywhere. Whenever you need to, you can turn on the camera and see what your dog is doing right now. Whether they're playing, resting, or showing signs of distress, a quick look can provide clarity and peace of mind.

  • Activity alerts: Stay informed about any unusual activity. Be it pacing, continuous whining, or other signs of separation anxiety, Barkio ensures you're the first to know. Whenever something happens, you'll get a notification.

  • Real-time audio monitoring: Whether it's a puppy's whine or an older dog's bark, Barkio lets you listen in, so you're immediately aware if your pet is distressed, allowing you to step in and provide comfort.

Real-life stories

Jennifer from Texas and her German Shepherd, Max: "Max would chew on furniture, bark incessantly, and even harm himself whenever I left home," she shares. Using Barkio, Jennifer was able to understand Max's triggers, interact with him remotely, and soothe his anxiety. "With Barkio, I was able to calm Max during anxiety episodes. The transformation was miraculous," Jennifer recalls.

Sarah from Florida and her Golden Retriever, Charlie: "Charlie used to tear up pillows and scratch the doors whenever I was gone," Sarah says. Through monitoring with Barkio, she learned that Charlie's anxiety peaked during thunderstorms. "Being able to speak to him and soothe him through Barkio during those scary moments made all the difference. I can't imagine handling his anxiety without it," Sarah reflects.

"With Barkio, I was able to calm Max during anxiety episodes. The transformation was miraculous."

Matthew from New York and his Boxer, Lucy: "Lucy was a rescue with serious anxiety issues," Matthew tells. "The first time I left her alone, she destroyed my kitchen." Matthew discovered Barkio and began using it to monitor Lucy's behavior. "Barkio helped me understand her fears and triggers, and I was able to start a treatment plan with my vet," he shares. "Now, Lucy's a different dog. Calm, happy, and relaxed when I'm away. Barkio really saved us."

Wrapping up

Barkio is more than just a tool; it's a lifeline, a means to ensure your pet never feels alone. As they navigate life's ups and downs, Barkio promises to stand by them, making their journey smoother and anxiety-free.

Download Barkio and share your experiences in the Barkio community of pet parents. Together, let's ensure every dog feels safe, secure, and loved, no matter the distance.

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