How to train puppy to be alone at home?


Training a puppy to be alone at home can be a challenge, especially for new dog owners. Young puppies often require extensive training to get used to the new environment and to learn appropriate behaviors. Puppies have a natural need to be close to their humans, and they can experience anxiety and loneliness when they're left alone for too long. This can lead to a variety of problems, including excessive barking, destructive behavior, and accidents.

Imagine coming home to find your puppy has torn up your shoes or had an accident on the floor. You feel guilty and frustrated, and you worry that your puppy is unhappy and unhealthy. You're also concerned about what your neighbors might think. You want to train your puppy to be able to stay home alone without having any problems, but you don't know where to start.

The Barkio app can help you train your puppy to be alone at home.

Ease puppy alone time with Barkio

Barkio's monitoring features, including recorded commands enable owners to interact with their puppies remotely and help them learn essential commands. This combination of monitoring and training ensures that the puppy adapts smoothly to its new home without unnecessary destruction or anxiety.

With Barkio, you can:

  • reduce your puppy's anxiety and stress levels,
  • prevent destructive behavior and accidents,
  • monitor progress remotely and get real-time insights,
  • help your puppy learn to be more independent and confident,
  • and get the access to a community of pet parents, where you will get a support and guidance from other Barkio users.

Try Barkio today and see how it can help you train your puppy to be alone at home.

1. Install Barkio app on you phone/laptop and follow the instructions


2. Boost your training with Barkio features

  • Real-time audio monitoring: One of the biggest concerns for dog owners is whether their pet is continuously barking or whining when they're not around. Using Barkio, you can monitor the sounds in your home. If your puppy starts crying, you'll know immediately. This feature can give you insights into how long it takes for your puppy to settle down after you leave. Imagine leaving for work and wondering if your new Golden Retriever pup is howling. With Barkio, you can tune in anytime and listen.

  • Live video feed: Sometimes, audio isn’t enough. Maybe you hear a noise and it's not clear whether it's your dog or something else. With the video feature, you can check in visually to see what's going on. Your puppy can be quiet for a long time, and you want to see if he’s sleeping, playing with his toys, or maybe chewing on the couch? Quick video check can give you peace of mind.

  • Activity alerts: If your puppy is particularly active, maybe getting into things they shouldn't or exhibiting signs of separation anxiety, Barkio will send you alerts. This is crucial for intervening in behaviors you want to curb. Imagine that your puppy finds the trash can. Instead of coming home to a mess, you get an alert and can address the behavior immediately.

  • Two-way communication: One of the most heartwarming features is the ability to talk to your pet. If they're feeling anxious or getting into mischief, sometimes hearing your voice can calm them down. Your puppy might start whining, missing your presence. A soothing word from you, even from miles away, can make him feel at ease. CommandsPuppy.jpg

  • Activity log: Barkio provides a log of your dog’s activities throughout the day. It can help you track patterns and adjust your training tactics accordingly. Over a week, you notice that your puppy gets restless at the same time every day. Maybe it’s time to adjust feeding, walking, or playtime schedules.

  • Commands: With Barkio's unique commands feature, you can prerecord commands that your puppy is familiar with, ensuring they hear a consistent voice even when you're not physically present. Let's say your puppy has a habit of jumping onto the sofa. You've trained her with the command "Off!" while at home. With Barkio, even when you're away, you can play this prerecorded command if you notice her on the sofa via the video feed. This reinforces the training and maintains consistent behavior expectations, no matter your location.

User experience

Marie from Paris and her Labrador Puppy, Bella: "Training Bella was a full-time job, especially with her chewing on furniture," Marie recalls. "Using Barkio's recorded commands and monitoring, I managed to train her not to chew when I'm away. The consistency in commands even when I'm not home helped Bella adapt quickly. She's now a happy and well-behaved puppy."

"Using Barkio, I managed to train Bella not to chew on furniture when I'm away. She's now a happy and well-behaved puppy."

Carlos from Madrid and his Boxer Puppy, Max: "Max was a bundle of energy, always getting into something he shouldn't," Carlos explains. "Barkio's monitoring and training tools allowed me to keep an eye on him and correct behaviors in real time. Now, Max understands boundaries, and our home is safe from his playful destruction."

Elisa from Milan and her Golden Retriever Puppy, Luna: "Luna was quite anxious in her new home, and I was worried about leaving her alone," Elisa shares. "With Barkio's monitoring and command features, I was able to reassure her and guide her behavior even when I was at work. The transition was smooth, and Luna settled into her new home without issue."


Incorporating Barkio into your training process can not only give you peace of mind but also offer valuable insights into your puppy's behavior. As you utilize these features, you’ll be better equipped to make your puppy’s transition to staying alone at home a comfortable and stress-free experience.

Download Barkio today and let us know in our Barkio community of pet parents how you managed the adaptation of your new puppy.

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