Where to place a dog monitor: Safety rules and tips


Dog monitors let you watch your pet from anywhere in your home, giving you peace of mind. But, putting it in the wrong place can be less effective and risky. Here's how to choose the right spot for your monitor.

Where to place dog monitor

Pay close attention to the location of pet camera for optimal functionality and safety.

Make sure the Dog Station:

  • Has a clear view of the area where your dog spends most of its time: Ensure you can see the entire space.

  • Is out of reach of your pet: Prevent your dog from playing with the dog monitor.

  • Captures the sound of your dog: Make sure that dog's sounds are not drowned out by outside noise, such as traffic, people on the street, etc.

  • Is near an electrical outlet: You want to choose a place that is close enough to the outlet so that the cord can reach, but not so close that the dog can pull the cord off.

  • Is away from direct sunlight and heat sources: This will help to prevent the camera from overheating.

Tip: You can use tape or wall ties to attach the cord to the wall or furniture.

Where not to place your dog monitor

You should avoid placing your Barkio dog monitor in the following locations:

  • On the floor: Skip areas where it can be damaged or where visibility is limited.

  • Near a window: Direct sunlight and heat could damage the camera.

  • Near a fan or other heat source: This could also damage the camera.

How to place your Dog Station

On a shelf

Put your phone or camera on a shelf that is higher up. This gives you a good view of where your dog stays. Make sure nothing is blocking the view and the phone, tablet or computer is safe. A mat that doesn't slip can help keep it in place.


Adjustable stand

A stand like a tripod with an adjustable phone holder is flexible. Choose stands with grippy feet for added stability. Adjust the height and angle for the best view of your dog’s area. If you notice that your dog spends more time in a different area, you can easily move the stand.

Clip phone holder

A holder that can clip to things is helpful. You can attach it to stable surfaces like tables or shelves near your dog's area. It also allows for easy adjustments in angle, perfect for keeping an eye on your pet.

Don't have these at home? Try our DIY hacks:

Phone in a cup

Put your phone in a cup with the screen facing out. This makes a good stand. The cup should be strong and not easy to knock over. If you need to position the phone at a larger angle, choose a wide cup; for a smaller angle, opt for a narrower cup.

Paper Stand

You can make a stand from a piece of paper. This is an easy and good for the environment way to hold your phone. We have a video tutorial to show you how to do it.

Tip: For a wider view of your dog’s entire area, consider attaching a wide-angle lens to your phone. This accessory can clip onto most smartphones, expanding the camera's field of view significantly.

Tricks and ideas for the best placement of your Dog Station

  • Optimal distance: The ideal distance for your dog monitor depends on the size of your monitoring area and the camera's field of view. Generally, a distance of 6-8 feet provides a clear view without being too close to cause discomfort for your dog.

  • Secure the monitor cord: To prevent your dog from chewing on or tripping over the monitor cord, secure it along the wall or baseboards using cable clips or tape.

  • Stable Surface: Choose a stable surface for your dog monitor, such as a shelf, bookcase, or dedicated monitor stand. Avoid placing it on wobbly or uneven surfaces, as this could lead to the monitor falling and causing damage or injury.

  • Consider your dog's comfort: While it's important to have a good view of your dog, be mindful of their comfort and privacy. Avoid placing the monitor directly in front of their bed or favorite resting spot, as this could make them feel uneasy.

Remember, your dog might need time to get used to the dog monitor. If you plan to talk to your dog through it or show your face on the screen, start by using it while you're with your dog. This way, your dog can slowly get comfortable with it.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the best location for a dog monitor?

Place the monitor where it has a clear view of your dog's most frequented area. Ensure it's out of your pet's reach and can capture sound without interference from external noise.

2. Where should I avoid placing my dog monitor?

Avoid putting the monitor on the floor, near windows, or close to heat sources like fans or heaters, as these locations can limit visibility, overheat, or damage the device.

3. How high should I place my dog monitor?

It's ideal to place it on a higher shelf or use an adjustable stand. This ensures a good view of your dog's space and keeps it away from your pet.

4. What should I do if my dog tries to play with or chew the monitor?

Secure the monitor and its cord out of your dog's reach. Use cable clips or tape to keep cords along walls or furniture. Find out what Barkio features you can use to keep your dog from destroying things.

5. How can I ensure my dog is comfortable with the monitor?

Introduce the monitor to your dog while you're present. Start using it in your presence before leaving your dog alone with it, to help them get used to it.

6. How can I expand the camera's field of view?

Consider attaching a wide-angle lens to your phone or camera. This expands the viewing area, allowing you to monitor a larger space.

7. What should I do if my dog shows separation anxiety signs on the monitor?

If you see signs of separation anxiety in your dog, like constant barking or restlessness, consult a vet or a dog behaviorist. Creating a peaceful environment, establishing a routine, and gradual desensitization to being alone can help. Monitor your dog regularly to see if these strategies are working. Check out what Barkio features you can use to help your dog with anxiety.


By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your dog monitor is positioned safely and effectively, providing you with peace of mind while giving your furry friend the freedom to roam and play.

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