How to train your dog remotely and enhance your communication


Pet parents often struggle to communicate with their dogs, especially when they're apart. This can lead to a number of problems, such as anxiety, separation anxiety, and destructive behavior. Imagine leaving your furry friend home alone and worrying about whether they're okay. Or coming home to a trashed living room because your dog was anxious and didn't know how to communicate their needs. It's enough to make any pet parent feel stressed and guilty.

The perfect sollution is Barkio, easy-to-use dog monitoring app that lets you watch and interact with your dog when you're not home.

Strengthen the bond between you and your dog with the Barkio app

With Barkio, you can see and hear your dog in real time, receive activity alerts if your dog is barking excessively, pacing, or showing other signs of distress, communicate with your dog using two-way audio, or play commands to your dog. With its comprehensive features and easy-to-use interface, Barkio is the perfect way to enhance your bond with your pet and give you peace of mind.

1. Begin by installing Barkio on your preferred device and follow the guided setup


2. Dive into Barkio's expansive features

  • Real-time audio monitoring: Whether you're at work or on a trip, always be attuned to your dog's barking or distress sounds. This immediate insight enables you to discern between different sounds your dog makes, understanding their needs or emotions at any given moment. Tailor your responses and training techniques based on your dog’s cues.

  • Live video feed: Barkio's live video feed is your window into your dog's world, offering real-time visuals of their actions and environment. This feature is invaluable for remote training, as it allows you to monitor your dog's behavior, ensuring they're not engaging in mischief or facing a potential hazard. Additionally, visual monitoring helps in assessing your pet’s responses to your commands or comfort levels in a new environment, further informing your remote training techniques.

  • Activity alerts: Stay updated with real-time alerts on your dog's movements and activities, allowing for timely interventions. This immediacy not only reinforces training but also ensures your dog’s safety, preventing potentially dangerous explorations or actions.

  • Remote Commands: Barkio takes remote training to the next level with its feature allowing you to record specific commands in your voice. This means that training doesn't get paused in your absence. The app can play these prerecorded commands, providing consistent cues that your dog recognizes and obeys.


  • Two-way communication: Being able to speak to your dog when you're away is about more than issuing commands; it's about providing the comforting presence they associate with safety and love. Even when you're not home, hearing your reassuring tone can ease their loneliness or anxiety, and a firm word can remind them of the rules, helping maintain a sense of normalcy for them. This connection transcends physical boundaries, ensuring your dog never feels truly alone.

  • Acitivity log: Consistency and adaptation in training come from understanding your dog's behavioral patterns. Barkio's activity log creates a detailed record of your dog’s daily activities and behavior. This accumulated data is crucial for assessing the effectiveness of your current strategies and adjusting them for improved outcomes. What’s more, the ability to export this data means you can share it with your veterinarian or a professional trainer, allowing for collaborative, informed decisions on your pet’s training.

Barkio users share their stories

Robert from Dublin and his Golden Retriever, Daisy: "Daisy's a smart dog, and I want to keep her engaged," Robert says. Using Barkio's command function, he plays recorded commands to Daisy, keeping her obedience sharp. "Daisy follows the commands even when I'm not home. It's incredible how Barkio keeps us connected," Robert reflects.

Lucy from Copenhagen and her German Shepherd, Max: "Max needed obedience training, and Barkio's command function was a game-changer," Lucy tells. She records commands like "no" and "lie down", playing them to Max when she's away. "Max's behavior has improved significantly. I can continue his training anytime, thanks to Barkio," Lucy states.

"With Barkio, I could tell Bella to sit from the office. Our communication and training continue, no matter where I am."

Miguel from Mexico City and his Chihuahua, Paco: "Training Paco was challenging because of his playful nature. Barkio's remote commands feature ensured he followed house rules even when I wasn't around. Homecomings are now stress-free and filled with joy!"

Wrapping up

From basic communication to continuous training, Barkio enables a bond that transcends distance, enhancing understanding, discipline, and affection between pets and their human families.

Experience the Barkio revolution! Download Barkio and become a part of our Barkio pet parent community to share and learn from fellow dog lovers.

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