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Monitoring health issues in pets can be a complex task, especially when owners are not able to be present all day long. Changes in behavior, eating habits, or even subtle signs of distress might go unnoticed, leading to delayed intervention.

For many pet parents, taking extended time off work or canceling plans isn't always feasible, even when our furry family members need us the most. This leaves many feeling anxious, guilty, and torn between their professional obligations and their pet's wellbeing. However, advancements in technology have provided a bridge to ease these concerns.

Keep an eye on your dog with Barkio

Enter Barkio dog monitoring app, the sophisticated pet monitoring solution designed specifically for such challenging times. With Barkio, even when you're at work or away from home, you can have real-time insights into your pet's condition and can rush home if a problem arises. It's a balance of responsibility, allowing you to manage your duties without compromising the care and attention your dog deserves.

Always remember, while Barkio is an exceptional tool, it's essential to consult your veterinarian in any situation where your dog's health seems uncertain.

1. Install Barkio app on your phone/laptop and follow the instructions


2. Let Barkio help you

  • Real-time audio monitoring: Monitoring your ailing dog's sounds is essential. Barkio's audio monitoring allows you to catch these signals immediately. Your dog's sudden change in vocalizations can be an indicator of distress or pain, making this feature indispensable. For instance, post-surgery or during a bout of illness, if your once-quiet poodle begins to cry persistently, it could be a signal of distress that requires immediate attention.

  • Live video feed: Visual confirmation becomes vital, especially when dealing with a recovering or sick dog. You can observe your dog's behavior, ensuring they aren't attempting to interfere with a wound or surgical site. It's not only about seeing if they're resting as prescribed but understanding their overall state. Even the subtlest signs, like a slight limp or atypical behavior, can serve as early indicators of complications or distress. This feature ensures you have a constant visual on your dog, guaranteeing their safety and comfort. LiveVideo.jpg

  • Activity alerts: An ill dog might not realize when they're pushing their boundaries. Barkio's activity alerts notify you if your dog is unusually active or displaying movement that might aggravate their condition. For a dog recovering from a fracture, too much activity could hinder healing. These timely alerts ensure you can step in before any potential harm occurs.

  • Two-way communication: Communication plays a pivotal role, especially when dealing with anxious or post-operative pets. If your dog seems distressed or is attempting to scratch a bandaged area, hearing your calming voice can make a significant difference. Barkio enables you to provide soothing reassurances or essential commands, ensuring they don't unintentionally harm themselves.

  • Activity log: Tracking an ill pet's behavior over time provides invaluable insights into their recovery and health. Barkio's activity log isn't just a record; it's a comprehensive overview of their day-to-day behavior. This could be crucial for veterinarians to understand recovery progress, detect patterns signaling health issues, or adjust treatment plans accordingly. The Activity log allows owners to observe how their pet's behavior evolves over time, and replay captured photos and videos. This in-depth record can be exported to CSV, offering a complete overview of the pet's day-to-day activities and any noticeable changes.

  • Commands: In cases where you've trained your dog not to touch certain areas or to lie down on command, Barkio's prerecorded command function can be a handy tool. Ensure they listen to a familiar command that discourages them from potentially harmful behaviors. If you've trained your dog to stay off a particular couch to prevent strain on a healing injury, Barkio's command feature can reinforce this training, safeguarding their recovery process.

  • Multiple Dog Stations support: For comprehensive monitoring of your ill or recovering dog, use Barkio's multiple dog stations feature. Set up to 4 Dog Stations in crucial areas to ensure continuous observation. Whether your dog seeks quiet spots when unwell or you have multiple dogs with health concerns, this feature ensures every area and dog is under watch. All notifications from these stations will be directed to your main Person Station, keeping you always in the loop.

Disclaimer: While Barkio acts as a digital guardian, always remember the irreplaceable value of professional veterinary advice. If you ever feel unsure about your dog's condition or behavior, consult with your vet immediately.

Real-life experience

Sophie from London and her Bulldog, Winston: "I started noticing Winston having sudden tremors and shaking episodes when I was at home," Sophie explains. "Thanks to Barkio's Activity log, I was able to capture these moments during my absence and show them to our vet. Winston was diagnosed with epilepsy, and we were able to start treatment right away. The ability to export and share the log was crucial in understanding his condition," she appreciates.

"With Barkio's Activity log, I was able to monitor Daisy's behavior even when I was at work. The early signs of illness were detected in time."

Luca from Rome and his Poodle, Bella: "Living in a busy area, there were often loud noises that seemed to bother Bella," Luca shares. "Using the Activity log, I discovered that she was showing signs of hypersensitivity to some noises from outside. This insight led to a diagnosis of a noise phobia, and we began working with a behaviorist to desensitize her. Without Barkio's Activity log, I may have missed these signs," Luca believes.

Oliver from Berlin and his Golden Retriever, Max: "Max broke his leg, and keeping him calm during the healing process was a challenge," Oliver admits. "The Activity log allowed me to observe Max's behavior when I wasn't home, ensuring that he wasn't agitating his injury. Sharing the videos with our vet helped us tailor a care plan for Max, keeping him comfortable and aiding his recovery," Oliver says.

These real-world examples highlight the immense potential of Barkio's Activity Log in monitoring specific health problems. By capturing key behaviors and symptoms, the tool enables early intervention and personalized care, even when the owner can't be physically present.

Wrapping up

Barkio is more than just a tool; it's a lifeline, a means to ensure your pet never feels alone. As they navigate life's ups and downs, Barkio promises to stand by them, making their journey smoother and anxiety-free.

Download Barkio and share your experiences in the Barkio community of pet parents. Together, let's ensure every dog feels safe, secure, and loved, no matter the distance.

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