Barkio video guides

Learn how to use Barkio's features and use the dog monitor to its full potential.



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How to pair two devices

Setting up a puppy cam has never been easier. Follow our step-by-step video guide and set up your dog monitor under 2 minutes.

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How to share the Activity Log

Watch and share the Activity log with another family member or a vet to discuss your dog’s behavior.



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How to create dog avatars

Make Barkio truly yours. The editor gives you the option to choose your dog’s appearance. Select from multiple avatars and customize the app to fit your needs.

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How to record and use commands

Record a command for the dog. Use the command to quiet or guide him remotely whenever you need to.

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How to set audio and motion detection

Adjust the audio and motion detection to fit your needs. With the right settings, you won't miss anything that happens while being away from your puppy.

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How to adjust automatic start and end of the monitoring

Create a schedule for the automatic start and end of the upcoming monitoring sessions. You'll never be in the unfortunate situation of forgetting to turn on monitoring and leaving your home.

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How to monitor a dog from multiple Dog Stations

Place up to 4 Dog Stations across places where your pup moves to create your own “multi-room” view while being away or monitor multiple dogs at once, each with one device. All Dog Stations will notify you on the Person Station.

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