How to balance between personal life and pet care


Bringing a furry friend into your life is an enriching experience. But pet owners often find it difficult to balance their personal time with the care and attention their pets need. This can lead to stress, guilt, and even resentment. It's essential to remember that cherishing our personal space and time doesn't diminish our love or commitment to our pets. Whether it's diving into hobbies, meeting friends, or simply relaxing, we deserve moments to ourselves without the shadow of guilt.

Barkio, a remote pet monitoring solution, can help pet owners find the perfect balance between their personal and pet lives.

Find the perfect balance with Barkio

With Barkio, pet owners can keep an eye on their furry friends from anywhere, using real-time audio and video monitoring. This means that pet owners can relax and enjoy their hobbies and social engagements without worrying about their pets at home. Barkio also sends activity alerts to pet owners' smartphones, so they can be notified of any changes in their pet's behavior. This is especially helpful for pet owners with pets with separation anxiety or other medical conditions.

1. Install Barkio app on your phone/laptop and follow the instructions


2. Use these Barkio features

  • Real-time audio monitoring: Engaging in personal activities often means that our minds wander, thinking about our pets. With Barkio, this becomes a thing of the past. Whether you're having fun with your friends or enjoying a cup of coffee and book in a café, you can identify any unusual sounds - be it distressing barks, yelps, or any other environmental noise. This ensures that if your pet is unsettled, you can promptly address the situation.

  • Live video feed: A picture is worth a thousand words, and a live video? Even more so. Venturing into a dance class or enjoying a fine-dining experience outside shouldn't be tinged with guilt or worry about your pet. With Barkio's live video feed, a quick glance at your device offers a comprehensive view of your pet's activities. Seeing them play or rest peacefully can really reassure you that they're doing okay when you're not there.

  • Activity alerts: Every pet is a unique individual with distinct behaviors. Barkio understands this. When you're enjoying your hobbies outside or just having some me-time, you're promptly informed of any deviations in your pet's usual behavior. These notifications act as a vigilant guardian, notifying you if your pet is overly active, distressed, or encountering potential hazards.

  • Activity log: Keeping track of your pet's daily routine is important, especially when juggling between personal activities and pet care. With Barkio's detailed activity log, every moment of your pet's day is meticulously recorded. This comprehensive overview aids in understanding your pet's preferences, habits, and health. Over time, any subtle changes in behavior patterns can be detected early on, ensuring that your pet remains in optimal health and happiness. ActivityLog.jpg

  • Two-way communication: Taking a spa day or a short trip? This two-way communication feature bridges the gap. Your words can provide comfort even from afar. Speaking soothing words or simply letting them hear your voice can pacify their anxieties, making them feel close despite the miles apart.

  • Commands: Every pet owner wishes for an obedient pet. But what happens when you're not physically present to give your pet commands? With Barkio, this dilemma does not exist anymore. Whether you're in an art exhibit or grooving at a concert, Barkio's commands feature allows you to replay familiar instructions to your pet. It's like being there without being there, ensuring your pet follows house rules even when you're away.

Real-life experience

Martin from Berlin and his Poodle, Coco: "Coco loves attention, and leaving her alone was hard," Martin confesses. With Barkio's remote monitoring, he can now attend his art classes without constant worry. "Barkio gives me the freedom to pursue my interests, but I make sure to spend quality time with Coco. She needs me, and I love our time together," Martin emphasizes.

"With Barkio, I can enjoy my hobbies without worrying about Max, but I know it's not the same as being there. Our time together is precious."

Emily from San Francisco and her Cat, Whiskers: "Every evening when I'd leave for my dance classes, Whiskers would scratch the furniture," Emily recalls. The scratching was a mystery until she began using Barkio to monitor Whiskers' behavior. "I discovered that Whiskers scratched the couch exactly when I left, and through Barkio, I was able to play a recorded command to stop," she says. Emily appreciates the freedom Barkio gives her to continue her classes but still emphasizes her responsibility as a pet parent. "Barkio helped me address Whiskers' behavior, but I know it's my presence and love that really matter.

Wrap up

Balancing freedom with responsibility ensures that the bond between pets and owners remains strong, healthy, and full of joy. However, it's essential to understand that Barkio, while an extraordinary tool, does not replace the human presence and care that pets need. It supports owners in their lives, but it does not exempt them from the responsibility of spending quality time with their pets and taking care of their daily needs.

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