How to stop a dog barking when left alone


Excessive barking by dogs when left alone is a common problem that can be disruptive and frustrating for both dog owners and neighbors. There are many reasons why dogs may bark when left alone, including anxiety, boredom, and separation anxiety. If not addressed, excessive barking can lead to behavioral problems, complaints from neighbors, and even legal consequences.

Imagine coming home to find your dog has been barking for hours, and your neighbors are visibly annoyed. You feel guilty and embarrassed, and you worry that your dog is unhappy and stressed. You've tried everything you can think of to stop your dog from barking, but nothing seems to work.

The Barkio app can help you stop your dog from barking when left alone.

Preserve neighborhood peace with Barkio

The Barkio app is designed to help dog owners address this issue before it escalates, ensuring harmony in the community. Barkio empowers pet owners with proactive solutions to manage and reduce their dog's excessive barking, potentially saving you from awkward confrontations with neighbors or even police involvement.

With Barkio, you can:

  • identify the underlying causes of your dog's barking,
  • develop a personalized training plan to reduce barking behavior,
  • and monitor your dog's progress remotely and get real-time feedback.

You will also get the access to a community of pet parents, where you will get a support and guidance from other Barkio users.

1. Install Barkio app on you phone/laptop and follow the instructions


2. Solve excessive barking with these Barkio features

  • Real-time audio monitoring: Be the first to know when your dog starts barking. This way, you can act before neighbors feel the need to complain or report the noise.

  • Live video feed: Context matters when it comes to your dog's barking. With Barkio's live video feed, you're not just hearing the barking; you're understanding the 'why' behind it. Is your pet reacting to pedestrians, a regular vehicle, or an animal outside? Or is there a pattern to their agitation or anxiety? By identifying these triggers through live visual insights, you can implement effective solutions, such as adjusting your pet's viewpoint or introducing desensitization techniques.

  • Activity alerts: Get instant notifications if your dog's barking becomes continuous or increases in intensity. Address the noise before it becomes a disturbance to others. BarkioNoisy.jpg

  • Two-way communication: Calm down your barking dog using your voice. Barkio’s two-way communication feature allows you to soothe your pet remotely, alleviating their anxiety or discouraging unwanted behavior. This immediate intervention can be crucial in preventing prolonged noise disturbances, especially in situations where persistent barking could strain neighborly relations.

  • Activity log: Keep a record of your dog's barking episodes. This can not only help in training but can also serve as evidence in case you need to discuss the issue with neighbors or authorities.

  • Commands: Consistency is crucial in training, and Barkio supports this with its unique command feature. Rather than letting unwanted barking go unaddressed, this feature enables you to play prerecorded commands that your dog recognizes and obeys.

User cases

Emilie from Paris and her Labrador, Gaston: "The neighbours were constantly complaining that my dog was barking, howling, and scratching at the door in my absence," Emilie recounts. She was determined to find a solution and turned to Barkio for assistance. "Thanks to the activity log and noise detection features, I was able to prove to them that it wasn't my dog making the noise," Emilie explains. With Barkio's technology, she not only eased her neighbors' concerns but also strengthened her relationship with them. "Barkio brought peace to my community and allowed me to stand up for Gaston. We're both happier now," she smiles.

"Barkio saved me from potential fines and ensured my neighbors are no longer disturbed."

Isabella from Rome and her Maltese, Luna: "Luna's constant barking was a mystery to us," says Isabella. With Barkio's noise detection technology, she discovered that Luna was reacting to particular noises outside. "Barkio allowed us to identify the problem and take action. Luna's barking has reduced significantly, and our home is peaceful once more," Isabella shares.

Jens from Berlin and his Dachshund, Fritz: "Fritz's barking was causing issues with our neighbours," Jens recalls. Using Barkio, he identified the specific triggers causing Fritz's barking and addressed them. "Thanks to Barkio's alert system, I could intervene quickly and calm Fritz down. Our relationship with our neighbours has improved, and Fritz is happier too," Jens gratefully states. Sarah from New York and her Siberian Husky, Storm: "My neighbors once threatened to call the police due to Storm's barking," Sarah remembers. "With Barkio, I can now monitor and control his barking, ensuring peace in the apartment complex. My neighbors have noticed the difference!"


Barkio doesn't just help you understand and train your dog; it also ensures a harmonious living environment for you and your neighbors. Being proactive with the barking issue can save you from confrontations, complaints, and potential involvement of authorities.

Download Barkio today and be a responsible pet parent in your community. Join our Barkio community of pet parents and share your story!

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