How to stop dog from destroying things when I'm gone


Destructive behavior in dogs can be caused by a variety of factors, including boredom, anxiety, separation anxiety, and lack of training. When dogs are left alone for long periods of time, they may become bored and resort to destructive behaviors such as chewing, digging, or barking excessively. Anxiety and separation anxiety can also lead to destructive behavior, as dogs may try to self-soothe by chewing on things or barking. Additionally, dogs that have not been properly trained may not know what behaviors are acceptable and unacceptable.

If you're struggling to stop your dog from destroying things when you're gone, Barkio can help.

Stop your dog's destructive behavior with Barkio

Barkio is a remote pet monitoring app that allows you to monitor your dog's behavior in real time, receive activity alerts, and communicate with your dog remotely. With Barkio, you can:

  • Identify your dog's triggers and intervene quickly to prevent destructive behavior.
  • Reassure your dog and help them to feel calm and relaxed, even when you're not home.
  • Provide consistent training and reinforcement, even when you're away.

If you're serious about stopping your dog from destroying things, Barkio is a great solution.

1. Install Barkio app on your phone/laptop and follow the instructions


2. Use Barkio's monitoring and training features

  • Real-time audio monitoring: Ever left home wondering if your dog might be causing a ruckus? With Barkio, you can listen in to catch any unwanted barking or whining, allowing you to address potential issues. Early detection is the first step in prevention, enabling you to take action before a minor incident escalates into significant destruction.

  • Live video feed: Visual verification adds another layer of assurance. Whether you're checking if your dog is resting peacefully, playing, or getting into mischief, a live feed keeps you connected.

  • Activity alerts: Stay informed if your dog becomes hyperactive or ventures into restricted areas. Destructive behavior can escalate quickly, which is why Barkio’s activity alerts are essential. Instead of returning home to the aftermath of a day's worth of your pet's misadventures, you receive real-time updates that enable immediate action.

  • Two-way communication: Your voice is the most effective tool to calm your pet or halt destructive action. With Barkio, you can speak to your dog, providing reassurance or issuing commands. Hearing your voice can help mitigate separation anxiety, often a root cause of destructive behavior, or stop unwanted actions in their tracks.

  • Activity log: Barkio's activity log provides a comprehensive record of your pet's behavior, highlighting times of activity, rest, and any noted incidents. This historical data is instrumental in identifying what may trigger your dog's behavior, guiding any necessary changes in environment, schedule, or training techniques.


  • Commands: Consistency is key in training. If you spot your dog engaging in unwanted behavior through the live video feed, you can promptly play commands they're familiar with, reinforcing training and reminding them of the house rules. This consistent approach to discipline helps establish and maintain boundaries, creating a safer space for both your pet and your household items.

Real-life success stories

Jane from London and her Beagle, Milo: "I was stressed about Milo's newfound hobby of digging into cushions. With Barkio's live feed and command feature, I was able to intervene and redirect his attention to toys. Our furniture is now safe!"

"With Barkio, I felt more in control and could address Milo's behavior timely. Our bond has only strengthened!"

Alejandro from Buenos Aires and his Siberian Husky, Snow: "Snow's energy levels are off the charts! He'd often get into things when left alone. Thanks to Barkio's activity alerts, I could monitor his antics and ensure he stayed out of trouble."

Sophia from Berlin and her Dachshund, Bella: "Bella had a bad habit of tearing up the living room cushions whenever I was out. I suspect it was her way of coping with separation anxiety. With Barkio's live video feed and two-way communication, I could catch her in the act and calmly redirect her using my voice. It wasn't long before she associated my voice with stopping that destructive behavior and focused on her toys instead."


Barkio isn't just an app; it's a bridge between you and your furry companion, ensuring mutual happiness and well-being. Adopting Barkio as a part of your daily routine can transform your dog's behavior and foster a deeper bond.

Get Started with Barkio and share your experiences with our Barkio community of dog lovers.

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