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Reasons to choose Barkio

Find out why Barkio is the best dog and pet monitoring app.

Dog waiting at the door

Deal with dog separation anxiety

If your dog is barking, howling, or whining when it's home alone, it may indicatesigns of separation anxiety in dogsBarkio pet monitor lets you watch a video of your puppy in real-time and communicate remotely.

Pair with the dog

Watch your puppy grow

Check on your puppy with Barkio pet cam. Monitoring your pup gives you a peace of mind knowing your pet is okay. Barkio is also handy when helping your dog settle in a new home.

Dog tracking

Understand dog's behavior

Is your dog barking, howling, running around, or sleeping in its bed? Barkio gives you an overview of all activities, so you can better understand your dog's behavior.

Mobile device

No hardware cameras or collars

With Barkio app, you can turn your old phones, tablets, or laptops into a pet camera. No need for overpriced cameras, dog treat dispensers, or collars.

Top Barkio Features

Check your pet from anywhere and at any time.

Watch video of your dog

Watch your pet remotely with live HD video. With a 2-way video option, you will see your dog, and your pet will see you as well.

Hear & talk to your dog

Hear if your dog barks or whines, calm your pet remotely, and record your own dog commands (voice messages).

Check pet's activity log

Barkio gives you an overview of all activities your pup has been up to. Replay captured noises to find out if your dog is anxious or if everything's alright.

Invite family members to join

All pet parents in your family can join the monitoring and check on your dog or puppy.

Get unlimited reach

With WiFi and cellular data, you can check on your dog or puppy from anywhere. The distance between you and your pet is unlimited.

Choose security and reliability

Security and reliability are our highest priorities. The whole communication is encrypted by industry-standard SSL. We'll notify you about your dog when anything happens.

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Jackie B.

Perfect for puppies

“Love it! My partner and I connect to check on our puppy when we go out to see what she's up to. Works flawlessly, plus costs a fraction compared to dog cameras. Recommend!“

Jackie B.

Peter W.

Helped my fostered dog

“Barkio helped me with training my fostered dog to feel comfortable and calm when I leave for an hour or two and gives me peace of mind. Barkio is a must for any dog owner.“

Peter W.

Marijke S.

Proof for my neighbor

“My neighbor complained about my dog Trixie howling and barking whenever I left. Barkio helped me to watch video of Trixie when I'm not there. Turned out, she wasn't barking at all!“

Marijke S.

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