Pawcellent year of 2022: Better Barkio

December 12, 2022


Dear pet parents, throughout the year, we’ve been working hard to fulfill your wishes on how to improve the Barkio app. We obediently listened to many of your requests and turned them into new and amazing features in the app. Let’s take a look at what we’ve accomplished together this year.

In 2022, the Barkio app received a total of 13 updates. These updates included new features and improvements to existing functionality, as well as bug fixes and other enhancements. Our ongoing efforts to improve the Barkio app are aimed at making it as useful and user-friendly as possible.

Low-light mode

The Barkio app now has a low-light mode that allows you to see your dog in any lighting condition, even in the dark. This new feature automatically enhances the video when there is poor lighting, so you can keep an eye on your pet even in a dark room.


Multiple Dog Stations

The Barkio app now supports monitoring of multiple Dog Stations. Place up to 4 Dog Stations across places where your pup moves to create your own “multi-room” view while being away or monitor multiple dogs at once, each with one device. All Dog Stations will notify you on the Person Station. Placing several Dog Stations around the apartment where the dog moves will give you a perfect overview of how your dog spends time at home alone.


Monitoring Scheduler

On the Dog Station, you can easily create a schedule for days and times when monitoring should start automatically. Create a schedule for the automatic start and end of the upcoming monitoring sessions. You'll never be in the unfortunate situation of forgetting to turn on monitoring and leaving your home. Your dog will never be left alone again.


Barkio in a web browser

You may only have a borrowed laptop as a secondary device, but you still need to monitor your dog? Barkio is now accessible through a web browser and can be used in all modern browsers without the need to install the application.

Barkio My account

Export of activity logs to CSV

Do you want to easily monitor your dog's activity over time? Now you can! Log into the user section on Barkio web sites, export your activity logs to CSV, and work with the transferred data. You can create graphs and tables and track the monitoring trend over the long term.


Barkio Academy

We have created a new section with video guides on our Barkio website. These videos showcase the most useful features of our app and provide step-by-step instructions on how to use them.


And much more

...such as the continual improvement of video quality, support for Siri shortcuts (iOS), and an increase in support staff to provide quick assistance for any questions or issues.

Thank you for being with us throughout the year. We are glad that you send us your opinions and feedback on features or ideas on how to improve the app. Together, we've managed to make Barkio better than ever before. We hope to turn as many requests and wishes of yours into features next year as well Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Barkio team.

So, which of the new features is your favorite? Tell us about it in the Facebook community or send us an email via

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