Barkio now has a browser app

July 25, 2022


Dear dog owners, we are happy to announce that our dog monitor Barkio is now available in a web browser version and can be used in all today's browsers with no need to install the app.

All the features, no installation needed

You might not have two devices to install apps on. You may only have a company laptop as a second device, or a buddy may have lent you his PC when you visit him, but you must still monitor your dog. These are just two examples of situations where the web app comes in handy. It is definitely better to download the app and use the browser window version only as a backup, but the browser app is a fully functional version of Barkio. You can enjoy motion detection, live video monitoring, and use pre-recorded commands or your voice to calm your dog. So, you get all of the desktop version's features on any device wherever you are.

Where can I get the browser version?

  1. The link can be found in the section Barkio web app under your account on the main Barkio web page. If you don't already have a Barkio account, you can set one up here or in the app on any platform. Barkio My account.png

  2. Or you can launch the web app from the download section by clicking the Open in browser button. If you are not already logged in, the log-in/sign-up page will open. Barkio Download.png

  3. Or just click here :)

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