First Update of 2022: Schedule Your Monitoring and Use Multiple Dog Stations

February 24, 2022


With the onset of the New Year, we are often consumed by the desire to organise and plan ahead. Create the perfect schedule for monitoring your dog with our new automatic monitoring scheduling feature. Let's take a closer look at the feature!


Pawesome schedule for the whole week

On the Dog Station, you can easily create a schedule for days and times when monitoring should start automatically. Create a schedule for the automatic start and end of the upcoming monitoring sessions. You'll never be in the unfortunate situation of forgetting to turn on monitoring and leaving your home. Your dog will never be left alone again. Just make sure to leave the Dog Station on, so the app can start monitoring according to your schedule.

Keeping track of every bark has never been easier

When creating an automatic monitoring schedule, select the Person Stations that should be notified about the dog. You’ll receive notifications about noise and movement as usual. You can disconnect and connect to Dog Station at any time during the day, the ongoing monitoring won’t be affected. History from the monitoring will be stored in the Activity log, as usual.

The feature provides you with simple, reliable, and almost worry-free monitoring. It's especially great for those days when you don't know where to jump first thing in the morning. Just turn on the Dog Station and that's it!


Monitoring with multiple Dog Stations

Place up to 4 Dog Stations across places where your pup moves to create your own “multi-room” view while being away or monitor multiple dogs at once, each with one device. All Dog Stations will notify you on the Person Station. Placing several Dog Stations around the apartment where the dog moves will give you a perfect overview of how your dog spends time at home alone.

What do you think of the new feature? We hope it makes your busy days easier. Tell us your thoughts on Facebook community or contact us via

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