With Barkio you can now monitor your dog even in the dark

December 06, 2022


Now you can monitor your dog also in low light conditions. The freshly released version of the Barkio: dog Monitor app is a game-changer. With a new feature called Low-light mode Barkio now allows you to see your dog at night or in any low-light condition. The Low-light mode automatically enhances the video when there is poor lighting around so that you can see your dog even in a dark room.

How to use Low-light mode?

The Low-light mode turns on automatically when there is not enough light and turns off with a change of light conditions. You can also turn it off manually if you want to for any reason.

Will it work on my phone?

Since there is no need for any specific hardware, the Low-light mode is available for all iPhones and Android phones.

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