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October 02, 2023

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How to help a rescue dog adjust to a new home

Bringing a rescue dog into your home can be challenging, as these dogs often come with a troubled past that can manifest in fear, aggression, or anxiety. It can be frustrating and upsetting to see your new rescue dog struggling to adjust to their new home. You may worry that they will never feel comfortable or happy, and you may feel guilty for not...

September 30, 2023

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How to balance between personal life and pet care

Bringing a furry friend into your life is an enriching experience. But pet owners often find it difficult to balance their personal time with the care and attention their pets need. This can lead to stress, guilt, and even resentment. It's essential to remember that cherishing our personal space and time doesn't diminish our love or commitment to o...
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August 18, 2023

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Summer dog activities inspiration: Things to do in summer with your dog

We are bringing you some ideas for summer dog activities. There are plenty of things to do in summer with your dog you may not have tried yet. Get inspired from the list of fun summer dog activities below and make your summer unforgettable. 1. Early morning and late evening jogging with your dog Running is getting more and more popular. It became a...

July 28, 2023

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How to provide a safe home for your puppy

Welcome to the wonderful world of puppyhood, where every corner is a new adventure waiting to be explored! As a new puppy parent, your top priority is to create a safe and secure home environment for your furry friend to grow and thrive in. After all, your pup's safety and wellbeing are paramount to ensuring they develop into a happy and healthy ad...
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June 20, 2023

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Furbino: Elevate your dog training

Ever found yourself wishing for a magic wand to make dog training easier, more efficient, and tailored to your furry friend's unique personality? Well, if you're an iOS user, your wish just came true! We are super excited to introduce you to Furbino - the new, simple, and super fun dog training and playtime tool app created by Barkio, currently ava...