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January 11, 2024

profile imageKatka

Winter dog care: Tips for nutrition, comfort, exercise, and safety

There are two kinds of people, the ones that love winter and those who hate it and can’t wait to see the summer coming. It’s the same with dogs. Some of them can play in the snow for hours, and others are heading home after five minutes outside in cold weather. Either way, we have to pay more attention to dog care during the winter season. Winter w...

January 09, 2024

profile imageKatka

Dressing dogs in winter: A guide for dog owners

Dressing dogs is a controversial topic among pet owners. Some enjoy dressing up their furry friends and have a wide range of clothing options for them, while others argue that dogs do not need clothing as they are already equipped with a natural coat to keep them warm. So, who is right? The answer to this question is that it depends on a variety of...

December 11, 2023

profile imageKatka

How to spend a stress-free New Year's Eve celebration with your dog

While people enjoy New Year's Eve celebrations with spectacular fireworks, for pets, it is often the scariest day of the year. The endless noise and flashes of light coming from all directions can be not only an unpleasant memory on one day of the year but also a traumatic experience that can cause long-term effects for your dog. Unpredictable reac...

December 04, 2023

profile imageKatka

Where to place a dog monitor: Safety rules and tips

Dog monitors let you watch your pet from anywhere in your home, giving you peace of mind. But, putting it in the wrong place can be less effective and risky. Here's how to choose the right spot for your monitor. Where to place dog monitor Pay close attention to the location of pet camera for optimal functionality and safety. Make sure the Dog Stati...