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July 15, 2020

Anna Kubátová

Barkio, dog monitoring app is now available in 14 languages

Barkio, popular dog monitoring app, is now available in 14 languages. Barkio turns two devices into a single dog monitor and helps pet parents watch and communicate with their dogs remotely. With Barkio, we hope to help dog owners stay in touch with their dogs whenever you need to leave your pooch home alone. Since we want the app to be available a...
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May 15, 2020

Anna Kubátová

Barkio app helps pet owners communicate with their dogs

Barkio, a new app for mobile and desktop, aims to help dog owners to stay in touch with their dogs, and monitor them remotely wherever they are and whenever they need. Download Barkio and try it for free on iOS, Android, and desktop. Why we created Barkio? Following the success of our Dog Monitor app, Barkio is a new generation of monitoring apps f...

February 09, 2020

Anna Kubátová

Barkio dog monitoring App is now available on desktop

If you’re a dog owner and you haven’t yet monitored your dog with the Barkio app, then you’re most certainly missing some cute (and essential) moments of your dog. Barkio is a smart monitoring app that is a must for any dog owner. The app turns two devices (phones, tablets, and now also laptops ?) into an easy-to-use dog monitor. Barkio launched in...