Desktop version update: new "mini window" function

July 22, 2021



Dear pet parents, we’re excited to share the newest update in our desktop version of Barkio.

Let’s meet the “Mini window”. When you’re using your laptop for dog monitoring, sometimes it’s really hard to manage the screen estate, especially when you’re working and monitoring your dog at the same time.

FeatureEventsNotifications (1).jpg

For this particular reason, we added a feature called “Mini window”. What does the feature do? It turns the classic app window into a smaller, always visible above all other windows to help you know about your dog’s activities. The application informs you if there is a problem (connection error, inability to detect motion, low battery power, etc.). You’re able to move and resize the window across the screen to perfectly fit your needs. You can easily work and watch over your dog at the same time.

The update is available on operating systems macOS, Windows, and Linux. As always, we fixed some minor bugs and issues to provide you with a great and smooth experience. If you want any more information or you have any suggestions about how to improve the app, reach out to us at

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