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September 15, 2021


We constantly improve the app to provide you with the most personalized and reliable experience. Let’s take a look at what’s new in the newest version 3.1.

Customize Barkio with the dog avatar


The first feature is about your dog’s appearance. You can select from multiple colored options of pre-made avatars. The making of the avatars was inspired by real dog breeds. We hope that you find the one to perfectly match your pet’s real appearance and personality. The customized appearance will show on the monitoring screen while monitoring and in the notifications when the background mode is on.

If there are any cat owners, we have a little surprise for you. We also made a cat avatar. Just scroll to the bottom of the selection.

##Easy way to resolve network problems FeatureNetworkTest.jpg

A second new feature is the Network test. It can be started when there is a problem with the connection to Barkio servers and can be also found in the application settings Expert menu. Network test shows you if the connection works and if everything’s right. This helps to resolve connection issues on restricted networks - like in a hotel or office.

We have one question for the end. Did you find the right appearance for your dog? If not, don’t be sad, you can always contact us at and we can add another one.

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