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October 06, 2022

Kids and Dogs: Health issues

Many parents are worried about having a baby/kid and dog under one roof. Mostly, this fear is connected with the assumption that the home must be absolutely clean while bringing the newborn in and that doesn’t go along with having a dog. If not, it can cause health issues. But is it really true? We are going to dig a little bit deeper into this top...

September 08, 2022

Kids and dogs safety rules

Even though you have a kid-friendly dog, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to be careful while letting it play with your child. Here are several safety rules that can help you prevent an accident. Never let your preschool children with your dog without supervision. Also, be aware that puppies are very playful - sometimes a bit too much, so watch them...
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August 08, 2022

How to keep your dog cool during hot days in the summer

Hot summer days are coming and we are bringing you some ideas on how to protect your dog in summer from heatstroke. Hot weather can be very dangerous for dogs because they are not able to regulate the temperature themselves as much as we humans do. You should never leave your dog in summer in a closed hot place, such as a car. Here are some tips on...

July 25, 2022

Barkio now has a browser app

Dear dog owners, we are happy to announce that our dog monitor Barkio is now available in a web browser version and can be used in all today's browsers with no need to install the app. All the features, no installation needed You might not have two devices to install apps on. You may only have a company laptop as a second device, or a buddy may hav...

June 15, 2022

Getting a puppy: First weeks with a puppy

Every puppy needs a lot of attention during the first days at home. Until then, this little creature has never been without his siblings or mother and very often keeps whimpering all day long. Because of that, the first weeks with a new puppy can be really tough. Do you know how to train a puppy during the first months of his life and how to take c...