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Ever found yourself wishing for a magic wand to make dog training easier, more efficient, and tailored to your furry friend's unique personality? Well, if you're an iOS user, your wish just came true! We are super excited to introduce you to Furbino - the new, simple, and super fun dog training and playtime tool app created by Barkio, currently available exclusively for iOS. With Furbino, you get a clicker, a dog whistle, and a big library of sounds all in one. Your dog training sessions are about to go from good to paw-fect!

Our goal with Furbino is to make your training time more enjoyable and effective. How, you ask? By giving you a customizable clicker, whistle, and a sound library all in one simple app! Here's what's in store for you and your pup.

Dog clicker

Training your dog will be as easy as using a clicker from now on! Simply click to tell your dog he's done a good job. You can choose from three preset clickers or upload your own.


How does the clicker work?

You can use the dog clicker in the Furbino app as a tool to reward good behavior. By clicking, you signal to the dog that it has performed the command as it should. Your dog will learn to repeat the rewarded behavior thanks to this obvious link between behavior and reward. Be patient and consistent with your training. Dogs learn at different rates, so it is important to give them plenty of time and repetition. With consistent use of the clicker and proper training, you will get great results.

Dog whistle

Give your vocal cords a rest and start using the Furbino whistle. Unlike voice commands, the dog whistle can produce sounds at higher frequencies than we humans hear, making it an accurate and effective training tool. Using different frequencies, you can signal different commands, and voila! Your commands are now more precise and clear than ever before!


How to work with the whistle?

First, test to see if your dog responds to the whistle, and adjust the frequency to suit you and your dog. The basic way to get your dog used to the whistle is to teach him first through play, similar to how you used to teach him commands. Incorporate the whistle into the command first. Once your dog gets used to the idea that the whistle belongs in the command, you can gradually wean him off the verbal command. Use different whistle frequencies for different commands.

Sound library

Furbino's sound library contains more than 60 sounds that can serve different purposes. You can use animal, street, household, squeaky toy, and more sounds for training or play. You can even record and play back an unlimited number of your own sounds. Whether it's desensitizing your dog to unfamiliar sounds, socializing him, or just having fun playing, our library of sounds is at your disposal.


Why should you play sounds to your dog?

You may be asking why you should let your dog make noises. They can help your dog become familiar with unfamiliar sounds or train him to avoid unwanted reactions. Start by introducing unfamiliar sounds at a low volume and rewarding your dog for remaining calm. Then gradually increase the volume and duration. Trust us, your pet will thank you! Plus, some sounds, like squeaky toys, can turn any ordinary day into a super fun game.

Download Furbino on your iPhone

The Furbino app is completely free, with minimal ads that don't distract. And if you want an ad-free experience, you can remove them with a one-time in-app purchase. With Furbino, every workout will be unique!

Are you ready to join the revolution in dog training? Then why wait? Whether you're an experienced dog trainer or a dog parent who wants to get the most out of training and playing, Furbino is the right tool for you. Don't wait and make your dog's training sessions fun and effective with the Furbino app. Download Furbino today and experience the difference. Hooray for training!

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