Pawcellent year of 2021: Better Barkio

December 15, 2021


Dear pet parents, throughout the year, we’ve been working hard to fulfill your wishes on how to improve the Barkio app. We obediently listened to many of your requests and turned them into new and amazing features in the app. Let’s take a look at what we’ve accomplished together this year.

Shared Activity log

You can now easily share the Activity log with another family member or a vet to discuss your dog’s behavior.

Dog editor

Make Barkio truly yours. The editor gives you the option to choose your dog’s appearance. Select from multiple avatars and customize the app to fit your needs! FeaturDogEditor.jpg

Motion detection

Motion detection can spot your pet when it’s moving around and notify you. You’ll get an overall better knowledge about the behavior, activities, and mood of your pup. Motion detected Barkio

Recorded events

The app takes pictures or records a short video with every event. You can choose what type of media should be taken. Everything is stored in the Activity log, so you can go through it later.

Smart notifications

With every noise or movement, you get a notification with a photo preview. That gives you a perfect overall picture of what’s happening on the other side. BarkioBlog_EventsNotifications.jpg

Video recording & snapshots

Record short videos or capture a photo of your dog while monitoring. You won’t miss any cute moments! FeaturedRecording1x.jpg

Thank you for being with us throughout the year. We are glad that you send us your opinions and feedback on features or ideas on how to improve the app. Together, we've managed to make Barkio better than ever before. We hope to turn as many requests and wishes of yours into features next year as well Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Barkio team.

So, which of the new features is your favorite? Tell us about it in the Facebook community or send us an email via

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