How to keep your dog cool during hot days in the summer

August 08, 2022

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Hot summer days are coming and we are bringing you some ideas on how to protect your dog in summer from heatstroke. Hot weather can be very dangerous for dogs because they are not able to regulate the temperature themselves as much as we humans do. You should never leave your dog in summer in a closed hot place, such as a car. Here are some tips on how to keep your dog cool in the summer.

Water, water, and water!

First and foremost, you need to be sure your dog is hydrated. It should always have its water bowl full. Also if you have a garden you can prepare a dog pool or garden shower so that the dog can cool itself whenever it wants. If your dog stays in an apartment, you can look for a cooling pad as you can see here. There are many ways to save money by making it on your own. The next thing you can try is to put on a cooling bandana or collar. It’ll be such a relief for your dog in hot weather. It is filled with special crystals. You just put it into cold water for a few minutes and then it stays cool for hours during warm weather. It is better than a bandana filled with ice or frozen bandana because it isn’t heavy and it doesn’t cause discomfort to your pooch. In one of the previous articles, we wrote that ice cream is not recommended for dogs but you can certainly make a dog ice cream or some other dog frozen treats that your dog will love. You can try dog popsicles or frosty paws ice cream. There are plenty of recipes on the Internet.

Heat exhaustion or dog heat stroke

During extremely hot weather, your pet can suffer from a dog heat stroke, and then it is necessary to help your dog overcome the heat stroke, otherwise, it can cause some serious problems. Pay attention to your dog’s behavior and if you see some heat exhaustion and dog heat stroke symptoms, act fast. When you have to leave your dog home alone and you know that it is going to be hot in there, you can use some of our ideas on how to cool the dog down and check on it using our Barkio app. You can make sure several times during the day that the dog is doing fine and that you don’t have to be worried.

Heat stroke symptoms

Which symptoms you should pay attention to and what to do when your dog is having a heat stroke? Check the infographics below. Monitoring with Barkio gets you a chance to act immediately when you spot these symptoms:

1. Rapid panting

2. Bright red tongue

3. Red or pale gums

4. Thick, sticky saliva

5. Shock and Depression

6. Diarrhea

7. Feeling week

8. Dizziness

9. Sickness or vomiting

10. Falling into a coma

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