Getting a puppy: First weeks with a puppy

June 15, 2022


Every puppy needs a lot of attention during the first days at home. Until then, this little creature has never been without his siblings or mother and very often keeps whimpering all day long. Because of that, the first weeks with a new puppy can be really tough.

Do you know how to train a puppy during the first months of his life and how to take care of it?

When bringing a puppy home, remember to take it to a vet and ask what is necessary to do. Usually, the puppies have been vaccinated twice, and there is one vaccination left. Also, keep in mind that dogs should be dewormed every 3 months. You will need to buy some basic gear and have everything prepared when bringing a puppy home. Learn more about this topic in our article Getting a puppy: Guide for a new pet owner.

First weeks with a puppy

The first weeks with a puppy are not the easiest. In the first days, you will probably see your puppy being very sad and lonely. Don't worry; it is absolutely typical dog behavior. What you can do is to take a part of the bedding from the place where it was spending the time with its mother and put it in the new home. Also, you will never make a mistake by keeping it occupied by playing with dog toys. In the beginning, it is really necessary to set the rules. If we say that the puppy is forbidden to go to bed, we should always follow that rule. The biggest mistake people do make is taking the puppy to the bed when they see its sad puppy eyes, and the dog has kept coming every night since then. Try to spend as much time with your puppy as possible; it's not used to being alone for a long time yet, but keep in mind all the rules that you want your dog to follow.

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How to train a puppy?

It is important to teach the puppy its name. Never use the name in unpleasant situations. Using the name when your puppy is doing something wrong makes him connect the name with punishment and fear.

When your puppy is old enough to stay at home on its own for a little while, you may consider trying Barkio Dog Monitor. The Barkio app allows you to monitor and watch over your puppy remotely to see what it's up to. You will be able to see and hear your dog, talk to it remotely, and come home just in time whenever your dog sees to start getting anxious.

Nobody wants a surprise in the form of a puddle or even something worse when opening the front door. During the first days, you should teach your puppy all hygienic habits. There are many ways to set a puppy potty training schedule. For sure, it is good to use positive motivation in this case. We should reward the puppy with a cuddle and some treats every time it does something correctly. Usually, it doesn't take long to teach it that.

All puppies need to be taught how to get on well with other dogs and animals in general. Socialization is a very important part of their life, so don't underestimate it. Go with it for a walk regularly and meet other dogs that are not aggressive. Try to avoid any possible conflict so that the puppy doesn't have a bad experience meeting other dogs. Last but not least, during puppy training, make your puppy familiar with unpleasant noises such as the sound of the vacuum cleaner. Turn it on and show the puppy that there is nothing to be worried about. If you manage to teach all of these things to your puppy, it will make everything much easier in the future once the dog grows up.

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