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Are you at work, your dog is barking and you need to direct him? Or just don't have time to train your dog lately? Use Barkio Commands as if you were at home! Our enhanced recording quality is simply pawsome - your dog will never miss a cue!

What is Command feature

Command feature allows you to record your own commands, such as "sit", "lie down", or "no", which you can play to your dog during monitoring.

Why use the command feature?

  • Remote training: Barkio takes remote training to the next level. Your training doesn't get paused in your absence.
  • Familiar voice: The same commands in the owner's voice are used regardless of the owner's physical presence.
  • Addressing unwanted behaviors: Enables owners to promptly address and correct unwanted behavior.

Commands come in handy in any situation, especially if you’re in a crowded or loud environment, where you can’t talk to your dog.

How to create Commands

On the pairing screen:

  • click on Menu -> Settings -> Commands -> Record Commands

Record your own command, select icon, color and name that will be shown on the monitoring screen.

How to use Commands

On the Person Station during monitoring session:

  • click on Talk icon,
  • tap on the command you want to use

The command will be played to your dog.

Tip: Before using Commands, switch to video mode to watch how your dog reacts to the command.

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