What is a background mode?

You can use Barkio in the background to be informed about your dog. This comes handy when you can't or don't want to watch the monitoring in real-time, but you'd still like to be informed if anything happens. 

When monitoring in the background, Barkio will inform you about your dog through notifications.

  During background monitoring, the video and audio are not transmitted, which helps to save your battery on the Person Station device. You'll also be able to use other audio apps (e.g., music and video players).  

To use the background mode, make sure to enable notifications on your Person Station's device. Barkio will ask you for the permission to send you notifications when first running the app. If you previously disabled the notifications, you can enable them in Settings on your device. Please note that iOS and Android are in control of notifications delivery. Even though both iOS and Android do their best to deliver the notifications, their delivery can never be 100% guaranteed. 

If you don't enable the notifications when using the app in the background, Barkio won't be able to continue monitoring and won't be able to inform you about your dog.

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