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Is your dog struggling with separation anxiety, and you're looking for a way to monitor their distress behaviors when you're not around? Need to make sure your dog is resting and not running around the house after surgery? What if there was a way to keep an eye on your furry friend's movements, ensuring their safety and your peace of mind without constant worry? The Motion detection feature in Barkio dog monitor is exactly what you need.

What is the Motion detection feature?

Motion detection feature can spot your dog when it’s moving around and notify you. The feature has three sensitivity levels - High, Medium, and Low. Motion sensitivity determines what level of motion the app should react to. That way you can adjust the sensitivity to fit your needs perfectly. If you want, you can know about every little wag of your dog's tail.

This means no more unnecessary stress about what your dog might be up to; you'll know the moment they need your attention.

How to customize Motion detection

Choose the level of motion the app should react to based on your dog's unique behavior. Set it up from any station, settings are always synchronised.

  • On Person Station tap on Menu → Settings → Motion Detection.

  • On Dog Station tap on Menu → Motion Detection and select the sensitivity level.

Setup on Dog Station

From now on you’ll know about every little movement too!

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