Barkio a Leading Vets: Dog separation anxiety guide

February 21, 2022

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As more and more people reached out to us stating how much Barkio helped them and their dogs with dog separation anxiety, we realized how immense this problem actually is. We reached out to the best veterinarians from all over the world to better understand what dog separation anxiety is and it turned out to be a much more complex problem than we initially thought.


Barkio and Dog Separation Anxiety

As separation anxiety affects dogs of any breed and any age, Barkio proved to be a great tool when identifying and dealing with dog separation anxiety (you can monitor your dog, see a video of it, use the microphone to calm it down, check activity log and more). Therefore, we created a website for all people and their dogs dealing with dog separation anxiety, where they will find complex information about this issue with their dogs. We’ve been working on this project for year to get feedback from the best dog experts, create the most reliable content, and share stories of many dog patients. We’re excited to introduce you to our Dog Separation Anxiety Guide.

Dog Separation Anxiety Training

In our Dog Separation Anxiety guide, you will find complex information from what dog separation anxiety is and how it’s caused, through most common symptoms to diagnosis and treatment options. You can also read stories of other dog owners and their four-legged little buddies. The purpose of this guide is to spread awareness of signs of separation anxiety in dogs, make it easier for people to understand their dog’s behavior and to encourage them to seek help as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that this dog separation anxiety guide should in no way replace the professional advice and guidance by veterinarians.

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