Christmas ideas on How to Make Your Dog Happy

December 20, 2021

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Let us know how you plan to spend the holidays with your furry friend in our Facebook community.Christmas preparations are in full swing but have you been thinking about any Christmas ideas on how to make your dog happy during the festive season? We bring you some ideas on how to make your dog happy during this holiday.

Safety first: Keep in mind the safety rules

First of all, we should think about our dog’s safety. The Christmas season can be very hectic. We are busy looking for the right Christmas gifts, cleaning, and decorating the home. Your dog is used to some regular activities and during Christmas it all changes. This change of routine and also a higher number of people coming for a visit can be very stressful for your dog. Keep an eye on him and watch him for any sign of nervosity or anxiety. One of the biggest dangers during this holiday present the Christmas decorations. Especially Christmas tree with its decorations and lights can catch your dog’s attention and usually it is hard to prevent a dog from getting closer. Candles and plants like mistletoe and poinsettia are very harmful and should be kept out of your dog’s reach. Also, you should know what foods are toxic to dogs. During the Christmas season food is everywhere and we should pay attention to it.

Christmas cookies for your puppy

Image 23.11.2021 at 11.24 (1) 2.jpg For sure, cookies are an essential part of Christmas for humans, and there is no reason why your dog shouldn’t enjoy them in this amazing time of the year too. It is always difficult not to give a cookie or other human food to a dog who is looking at you with those puppy eyes. Especially visitors coming during the holidays will be tempted to give something to your dog. In this case, it is a great idea to have some dog treats prepared. Here you can see a basic recipe from It is very easy to make. You will need only flour, baking powder, peanut butter, hot water and you can add whatever your dog likes (honey, cinnamon). If you put them into a decorative pack, it will be a perfect gift you can bring to a friend who has a dog.

Christmas Presents for you and your dog

The most common dog gifts are definitely dog toys and dog clothes - especially dog Christmas sweaters. If your dog is already bored with classic dog toys you should look for something more sophisticated. There are many dog toys that will keep your dog’s attention for a longer time. These dog toys are made from various durable materials with parts that move in an unusual way. Some of them can be even stuffed with dog treats so that your dog can spend a good time getting them out. But be careful, sometimes the material and design of dog toys can cause annoying noises while the dog is playing with them. Also, dog toys that make sounds can be fun for your dog but not for you. One of the most popular dog toys or games is the dog puzzle. This interactive game contains little drawers that can be stuffed with treats as a reward. The dog has to open the drawer by removing a bone that serves as a locker. And for sure you should think about a Christmas present that you both will enjoy.

Let us know how you plan to spend the Holidays with your furry friend in our Facebook community.

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