Barkio dog monitoring App is now available on desktop

February 09, 2020

Anna Kubátová


If you’re a dog owner and you haven’t yet monitored your dog with the Barkio app, then you’re most certainly missing some cute (and essential) moments of your dog. Barkio is a smart monitoring app that is a must for any dog owner. The app turns two devices (phones, tablets, and now also laptops ?) into an easy-to-use dog monitor.

Barkio launched in December 2019 on Android and iOS and has already won hearts of almost two thousand pet parents, helping them stay in touch with their pooches. Our team is now thrilled to announce a new addition to our Barkio family — the app is newly available on desktop platforms — macOS, Windows, and Linux. ??


With the newly available desktop versions macOS, Windows, Linux you can comfortably monitor your dog from your laptop when at work. By providing the desktop version (and covering five main operating systems on the market), we hope to make the app available to any pet owner and help them keep in touch with their dogs.

Download Barkio for free on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux.

What is Barkio and why do you need it?

Barkio is a mobile and desktop app that was created to help pet owners stay in touch with their dogs that are at home alone throughout the day. All you need to communicate with your dog are two devices (phones, tablets, or laptops in any combination), internet connection, and the Barkio app.

The best part is you don’t need to be a tech-savvy to monitor your dog with Barkio — the initial setup takes less than 20 seconds. One device (let’s say a tablet, for example) stays at home with your dog. The second device is yours (for example, a phone or a laptop). From that device, you can connect and check on your dog at any time you need. Barkio is free to download and free to try on all available platforms.


With the app, you’ll be able to hear and watch a video of your dog in real-time. When your dog starts to get anxious, or it’s having too much fun chewing on your belongings, you can speak to the dog and calm it down remotely.

Barkio provides you with three different communication options. First, you can use the microphone feature and talk to your dog live. The second option is to record custom voice messages (such as “It’s okay Ben”) and then send them to your dog whenever necessary. If your dog may react better to visuals, you can use the third option and stream a video of yourself to the dog's device.

Why you should monitor your dog?

Barkio helps you stay in touch with your pooch and make sure it’s doing okay when left alone for a couple of hours. Monitoring your dog when it’s alone, turned out to be essential when identifying any health issues.

Separation anxiety is a severe health issue that affects dogs of any age and any breed. Since separation anxiety manifests itself when the dog is alone, it becomes difficult for the pet owner to find out about such conditions and get professional help on time. With Barkio you can see and hear your dog, and therefore quickly notice if your dog is getting anxious.

When fostering a new puppy or a dog from a pet shelter, Barkio can help to make sure they’re doing alright when they’re left alone (or to quickly learn when your dog needs you to get home ASAP).

Download Barkio for free on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux. Turn two devices into a single dog monitor and never leave your pet alone again.

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