Barkio Premium: Get it now with 21% OFF + Gift Cards for your loved ones

December 07, 2020


The holiday season (or should we say paw-liday 🐶) is in full swing, and we are thrilled to bring you two special holiday offer - one to make someones Holiday super special, and one offer for you to welcome 2021. 🎁

Give Barkio Premium to your loved ones

Barkio Premium Gift Card Would you like to make someone's holiday really special this year? You can, with our Barkio Premium Gift Card. Barkio Premium is a perfect gift for any pet owner, as they can watch over their dogs from literally anywhere - work, school, running errands, etc. They can watch the dog in a live HD video stream, communicate with it remotely, and go through every past activity in the overall history from each monitoring.

Barkio Premium Gift Card is a one-year subscription that gives its owner access to unlimited monitoring across all devices and supported platforms (iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux).

Barkio Premium is a perfect gift for any new or experienced pet owners, whether they have a puppy, grown dog, or a pack of many.

How it works?

First, create your Barkio Premium gift card with our super-simple editing tool - you can select the gift card's design and enter the name of the receiver.

After the purchase, we'll send the gift card to your email, so you can print it out and give it to your family or friends when the time is right.

The gift card receiver will then easily activate Barkio Premium through our website with the unique activation code that's included on the gift card. Barkio Premium will then be accessible to the receiver for one year from the day of the activation.

Treat yourself with 21% OFF Barkio Premium

Barkio Premium Holiday Deal 21% OFF We believe everyone deserves a special treat - including your pup. Therefore, you can upgrade to Barkio Premium with 21% OFF for your first year to welcome 2021. 🥳

As the holiday season is in full swing, we believe everyone deserves a special treat - including you and your family. Therefore we have a special offer for you as well - you can now upgrade to Bibino Premium with 21% OFF. This means stepping into 2021 with the most reliable dog monitoring app that's always one tap away when you need it. With Barkio Premium, all your family members can enjoy unlimited monitoring on their devices.

Hurry up; the offer ends December 31, 2020. The offer applies to an annual subscription, and it's available only through the website purchase.

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